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Process Technologies

MKPro Group

We are a group of firms providing Consulting Services in Chemical Process Engineering, Asset Safety and  Performance  Management, Business Improvement, and Human Capital Development.

We maximise value to our clients by deploying critical thinking, strategic foresight and  lean approach to project execution to mitigate risks and accelerate opportunities.

The Group comprise of MKPro Engineering Pty Ltd, MKPro Biogas Pty Ltd, and MKPro Holding Pty Ltd, and VMiT with business focus as follows:

MKPro Engineering Pty Ltd

This is the Engineering Consulting arm of the group and is the delivery channel for our signature process engineering services including:

  1. Chemical Process Engineering Consulting
    Our range of Chemical Engineering product and services include:  
    • Chemical Process Engineering
    • Design and Management of Safety Critical Elements
    • Process Automations and Improvements
    • Process Risk Management
    • Process Instrumentation
    • Process de-bottlenecking & Optimization
    • Designs for Dangerous Goods and Handling of Hazardous Materials
    • Process Economics & Project Investment Appraisal
    • Business Processes Designs and Improvements
    Where feasible and required, we deploy our patented Integrated Circuit Network Reactor design approach to enhance process yield within fixed volumes to optimise resources and reduce operational complexity for our clients.
  2. Research and Development
  3. Business Process Development, Management and Improvement

Avoiding Coronavirus Super-Spreader Risk

MKPro Responding to Coronavirus outbreak

We are unable to make comments on Medical Solutions as we are not experts in such area. We however strongly recommend adherence to all expert medical advice including temperature checks.

Elements of our consideration

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VMiT is the trading entity for Consortimmobiliser Pty Ltd which operates MKPro Engineering Pty Ltd.’s (Consortimmobiliser) patent. As an Australian company, our clients are assured of quality solution—DuroVent, DuroChem and DuroFleet, backed by Australian Standard.

DuroVent, DuroChem and DuroFleet are Trademarks for our signature suite of VMiT product range.

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MKPro Holding Pty Ltd

This is the investment and investment management arm of the group with focus on appropriating and managing the earnings from the other businesses to create more wealth for the group. Investment strategies include, but not limited to, property investment, short and long term stock holdings, superannuation funds management, and asset management.

MKPro Biogas Pty Ltd

MKPro Biogas operates MKPro Engineering Pty Ltd.’s (biogas) patents. We deliver efficient, reliable and cost effective biogas process equipment and solutions to our clients without compromising on social or environmental responsibilities.

Our compact design generates methane, locally, from bio-degradable materials without accumulating waste unlike prior arts, and it eliminates the need for many peripheral equipment to achieve economic differentiation.

Excess gas produced from our system is fed into a “Methane Fuel Cell” to recover electrical energy. Alternatively, it can be used to generate dual power output: 3kW 12V DC. The DC output can be used to charge a bank of batteries to store energy and then inverted to produce desired AC output.