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The wonderful world of nanotechnology – explained in plain language

Dr Michael Akindeju is a consulting process engineer at MKPro Engineering, based in Ballarat and an Associate Professor at Fed Uni.  Michael’s specialty is innovation in the field of nanotechnology. This won’t be a boring science lecture. Michael will explain the amazing range of applications for nanotechnology across diverse industries including medical, chemical, renewable energy, wastewater…

From medical to solar to space; MKPro Engineering is using advanced technology to make improvements across many industries.

You don’t need to know how a TV works to know you can enjoy the benefit of the entertainment it provides. This is much like MKPro Engineering, a performance-driven company focused on simplification, productivity and profitability for their customers by handling complex issues. The Ballarat-based company works across a range of fields including manufacturing, biomedical,…

A local chemical engineering company with a global reach

Government and businesses are making efforts to transition economies and their operations to become net-zero carbon emitters, and we are aiding them to achieve significant milestones on the journey.

Hopes to make Ballarat a leader in nanoparticle production 

The Courier- Dr Michael Akindeju hopes to make Ballarat a leader in nanoparticle production

Drawing closer to achieving nanotechnology goals

The Courier- Dr Michael Akindeju draws closer to achieving nanotechnology goals

How nanotechnology is treading a new path for recycling

Federation University – How nanotechnology is treading a new path for recycling

Returning Mineral Processing to Profitability- Cost Conscious Approach

As revenues from mining and mineral processing operations become largely volatile and in-fact dwindling, businesses and operators are re-thinking cost regimes to remain marginally profitable. Here are some insights that might be of help! Download – Returning Mineral Processing to Profitability – Cost Conscious Approach

IChemE Global Awards

We are honoured to have been named one of the finalist for the 2018 Institute of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) global awards in the Business Start-Up category.

Our Signature MKPro Biogas System

Do you spend valuable time, money and other resources to handle, manage and treat your bio-degradable by-products and organics, including septic wastes? Then, consider harnessing the energy potentials in those bio-degradable by-products and organic wastes; We, at MKPro Biogas Pty Ltd (subsidiary of MKPro Engineering Pty Ltd) can help you to achieve this in a safe…